Before I Die

First of all I would like to say HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR to all. Isn’t it great to be alive on this spanking New Year? I hope you all had great time counting down last night while recapping shit and feces that happened last year. But enough of that recapping bullshit and it is time to move on. You know, yesterday Cen asked me this question: How would you wanna die? I told her I am not sure but I would like it to be a surprise. Then I ask what about her? She said, “Just like my grand dad, peacefully in his sleep but not like his passengers who were screaming in terror.” Even though it was a really funny joke but it made me think about what I would wanna do before I become worm food. So I say down like Buddha sat down on the ground underneath tree, the only difference is there was no tree and I was on a bed instead of the ground. I thought about what I wanted to do before I die and then wrote them down on Stick-it notes in the form of prayers. So here it goes:

Most probable reply for the above note:

My wishes to those who had a little too much to drink last night, I hope your head will feel much better; to those who party so hard that you turn purple, I hope you recover soon; to those who woke up with a complete stranger, I hope you at least buy him/her breakfast or lunch or at least get to know him/her; to guys who got pissed drunk last night and woke up with another guy besides you, I hope the pain in the ass that feels like someone stuff a whole corn into your ass will go away, but definitely you will have no problem shitting this few days. Enjoy your holiday!

Anyways, I am headed to Kenichi’s place today for some celebration. And today is also the day that Norie’s porn will be on screen. I still haven’t thought of what excuse to give for not watching it but it just makes me sick to the stomach thinking about sitting through it. Wish me luck okie?