Hell of a Night

The streets of Japan and on our way to the cinema.

I woke up with every inch of my body feeling sore, just like after you are being crucified. Now I roughly know how Jesus felt after he got off the cross. Respect! Anyway, it could be my Shoaling Monk pushing the cart missionary position or her Guan Yin sitting on the lotus style or our crouching pussy and hidden cock position or it could be all the banging & humping & screwing & boning & fucking & more banging or should I say the super duper sleazy dirty yet sweet vigorous sex I dreamt about last night. Even though it happened in my dreams but still every fucking inch of sore in my body is real. Why? Because I have 3 guys sleeping on my bed and I was left to the floor to myself is why. Even the couch is taken. After the movie, Norie and I were suppose to meet the others, so I waited at the hotel for them. I thought we were going out for something but when they arrived, I saw bags of booze and food and I knew that they were going to camp out in my room. There were about 10 of us in that room and so many things were going on at the same time. Some of them were eating and boozing away, some of them flash out their PSPs and started challenging each other (did I mention that Japs are PSP crazy? It is almost like a part of their limb, they go everywhere with it), some were watching TV. While Norie and I sat at a corner watching, she continued telling me the whole Bleach movie that we just saw, because there weren’t any fucking subtitle. Finally, I understand what the fuck was going on? Don’t worry, they will be no spoilers, just read on. Besides the movie, we spent hours talking about our background and shit like that, I was getting to know Norie, not the ex-porn star but the real one.

A call came in and she had to leave. Of all the people, why did she have to leave? Since The underground rail here doesn’t run 24 hours, so I accompanied her to catch a taxi and I offer to pay for the fare. I was smart this time, I asked for fixed rather than the meter. But it still cost me a bomb…sighs.

You know after these few days of just hanging out with Norie, I think I pretty much know her but somehow, I just couldn’t bring myself to ask her why she did the movie. Maybe I just don’t wanna know. Does it matters? We are all the same, beneath our skin we all flow the same red blood in our veins. Will be at Kenichi’s house on New Year day where he will show me his collection of porn and also the infamous Norie’s DVD. I am having second thoughts of watching it. Come on, would you watch porn that stars a person whom you are close with? I could mess up your mind badly and change the prospect of that person in your mind. Should I or shouldn’t I? What if it was you and you were going to watch porn that stars your best friend? To watch or not to watch? That is the question.

This one is for Pink, I know your fetish for Kenichi, and so I took the liberty of taking the picture of his foot. It is just my way of saying for the Xmas card, even though it was a blank one (the stick on note wasn’t there). I am sure I can have good use for it.

I present you Kenichi’s foot.