And then her pants...

Flirt. Flirt shamelessly. Flirt like there is no fucking tomorrow. Flirt like your sperm count depends on it. Stop fearing that rejection because no one is too damn bored enough to observe you. Even fucking losers like the financial accountant, civil servants engineer, or the freaky IT guy have a decent chance of bagging for a night of worth of fun. When you flirt with a gorgeous woman, you will crack them up and it will force them to review why they are seated next to the fat old geezer with the old Mercedes instead. The God-blessed truth is that gorgeous women can’t make out with an expensive car, or their LV bags or smelly cash. So getting it on with a hot woman doesn’t have to be a wet dream.

For those guys who think that have to build up themselves before they hit on the girls, let me tell you something, women not are not necessary looking for 1. Solution from you 2. Financial help 3. A ride 4. A husband. They don’t need people to fucking take care of them; they have their secretaries for that. Yes, there still women who thinks that they have a better chance of getting hit by a lightning than marrying after the age of 35, but something has changed. Women are like low hanging fruits waiting to be grabbed. Their selections ranged from the waitress, the office ladies, the undergrads and yes even the pole dancers. If you have self confidence issue, try flirting with the waitress first – just for warm up. Next time when you see her coming, tell her you couldn’t help but notice that she holds the bottle charmingly. When we flirt, the women whether they admit it or not – are thrilled by it and trust me, they will remember you for it. They enjoy it, desire it and crave it. There is a naughty little Paris Hilton in all of them - if you know how to smoke her out.

Crucial note:

There is a supra vast difference between smart, funny jokes that tease girls and sleazy, gutting-turning sexual offers that makes the girls run back to their parents. There is nothing more pathetic than a man who laughs at his own jokes. Remember brothers, CONFIDENCE does not equate COMPETENCE. So just be yourself, drop those thoughts of writing love poems or songs, sending 9,999 roses’ bullshit and grow some sense of humor because it is not the lovey-dovey or rich guy who always gets the girl, the funny one always does.

Well, people I have been sick yesterday and today, I had to take a break and stay home even though there is crap load of mixing work to be done in the studio. Norie is back with her bf for the weekend, so that pretty much leaves me, myself and I. So much so that I even have time to write the piece of self help crap above. I haven’t been going out these days, so there is any updates on my dirty sex-capes in Tokyo but I am going to have Fugu this week, so it would be a rather interesting first for me and I hope I won’t die before I get the chance to post about it.

*Sips a mouth full of instant Miso soup, crosses fingers and starts recovering *