As some of you might already know that I am heading to Boulder tonight to attend Michael’s Funeral. I will be off to JFK first, then I am supposed to meet someone from the Metro New York House of Prayer, and they will arrange for me to get to the city of Boulder, Colorado. All my bags are packed and I am just hours away from leaving. Anyway, someone has been a big time influence on my choice of music these last few days, Now I find myself instead of sticking my tongue out and head banging to Marilyn Manson, I am tapping my feet and occasionally having the urge to dance to Glen Miller or Sinatra's tune. I was never a big fan of Jazz and swing but that doesn’t mean I won’t give it a go; and now I slowing getting the “swing” of it all. I have jammed pack my iPod with feet tapping and ass swinging jazz tunes for the fly, so if you are on the same flight with me to New York tonight and if you feel like you have just hit an air bubble, no it is just me listening ,tapping my feet and swinging my ass to Harry Connick Jr. Looks like I have been all jazzed up by the Jazz bug, but someone has been bitten by the typo bug, so we are even now :D

Here's a little something for you Patrick Star Lovers

Thanks to Calv for sharing Cafe del Mar's tune, they are great, now I can just lay back and enjoy the flight. I love the song " Love Rain Down"