6am Christmas morning and I wasn’t up to rip the wrappers of my presents but because I had to get ready for work. Yes, on Christmas day, I had to work. What? You think I am like those lazy bums living Malaysia who wakes up late and watched TV in their pajamas before brushing their teeth? Hell no, I was a working man in Tokyo now. Wukakakaka. My timetable was kinda like this:

As you can see, my half day was kinda jammed pack

>> Wakey and Breakfast at the hotel

our messy room at Dai-Chi Annex hotel

>>Meeting with the mixers

>>Practice session with Additional Musician

The additional musicians: Tatsuya[keyboards]

The additional musicians: Nakamura[percussion]

The additional musicians: Kenichi[guitars]

The additional musicians: Hotokeda[guitars]

The additional musicians: x[bass]


Well, after all the hard work, we were treated to the Ramen (again!!!) at the cafeteria and some of the musician brought me to one of the CD store, cause I wanted to check out what sort of music are they into. Kenichi was a big Glay fan and convinced me to get the latest CD love is Beautiful.

I called my parents last night just before Christmas just to see how everything is and to wish everyone a merry Christmas. Guess what? My aunty (who stayed in Tokyo for a while) was there. My mum put me on speaker phone so that I could speak to everyone. Everything was fine, up until my Aunty asked me what places have I have been to and planning to go? There was a long silence as my head raced to find an answer for the eager ears on the other side of the line. Hmmm…Should tell them that I was in a pub where the waitresses ONLY wore thongs and short apron and their nipples are only covered with a fluorescent band aid? Or should I be telling them about the huge ass bookstore selling Hentai comics and booklet of underage girls in thongs? Maybe the Karaoke session where all the girls working there were wearing less than bikinis and the screen for the song was practically porno with box to censor the important part??? So I decided to say that I was not feeling well because of the weather and didn’t go out much, but will do so when I am feeling better. So it occurred to me that I need to go see and snap some tourist attraction here in Tokyo, so that I won’t be caught with my pants down again….DARN IT!!!!