If you ask me how the food in Tokyo is, I would say I don’t know yet, because I have been having Ramen, Ramen, Ramen, Ramen and Ramen and more Ramen. Wait did I mentioned Ramen? Yes Ramen. It is a Japanese noodle serve in meat based broth and usually topped with seaweed, sliced pork, green onion and some Japanese shit which I don’t even know how to pronounce. Ramen is a local favorite and almost every locality has its own version of Ramen. I have been having Ramen almost every meal now and I still haven't eaten the same type of ramen yet. Ramen is good for cheap ass tourist like me who is trying to survive here in Tokyo for two months. You can get a reasonably good bowl of ramen for about 800 -1000 yen (Rm24-30). Forget about your Sashimi or Sushi shit because it is fucking expensive to have that every meal. But if this goes on, I am pretty much on my way turning myself into Naruto :S

Let me show you some of the nice Ramen I had:

Beef Ramen
Pork Ramen
Seaweed Flava Ramen

Hot and spicy Ramen

I don't wanna turn into him.

The above isn’t the purpose of this post right? I went out to have lunch with one of the studio’s girl and it was a really pleasant one I must say. After lunch when I returned, someone accidentally told me that the girl used to star in one of the porn flicks. I had to pick up my jaws from the floor because she seems so down to earth she doesn’t dress up like a Harajuku in fact she was in a kimono today and it is hard to imagine her in those flicks. But does it make any difference if she did or didn’t acted in one? The fact of the matter is I had a great lunch and she was great company.

The girl's back on our way to lunch

Wait, I lied, it does make a difference. The asshole in me just can’t stop thinking of 101 questions to ask her and about her experience in that industry. Come on, have you ever meet a live porn star before? Wish me luck as I try to get close to her and asked her about what it is like to be once be a porn star. Yes I know, you wanna slap me because I am such an ass :)