As much as I wanted to let the above title to be true, but it is not. You see I was just plain lazy today, so I decided to stay back and not head to the studio. (which I regretted like hell later on because I was bored outta my mind). I was planning to ask The Girl a.k.a ex-porn star (but from now onwards she will be known as Norie) out for dinner tonight. But since I wasn't at the studio, so I might as well stay back and wait for my pair of balls to grow, drum up my nerves of steel and ask her out. While I was waiting for Mr. Producer to come back for dinner (because he promised to do so) a call came in and it was Norie on the other line, she told me that Mr. Producer has got some other plans and couldn't make it for dinner, so she suggested why don't the two of us go out for dinner instead. I guess my prayers have been answered and I am going out with you know who and now I can finally get confirmation that she was a porn star straight form her. But tell me, how are you going ask a girl whom you just met for less than two days whether is she a porn star? The answer is drink lots of alcohol and grow a serious pair of balls. Grow balls!!! Grow!!! Damn it, grow like there is no tomorrow ...

First time seeing Norie in casual wear

The Dinner:

Since Norie was in the mood for Shabu-shabu and I could eat anything except fucking Ramen. We went to one of the famous spot in Tokyo for it.

Our very own shabu-shabu hot pot

The lovely paper thin beef

After Dinner Activities:[if it is fucking you were expecting, I am sorry I let you down]
After our dinner, Norie suggested that we head to the game arcade. Anyway, it was her call since she was so nice to keep me company...

outside the gaming arcade

I had a go at the Taiko Drum Game and made a blood fool of myself

The night ended great, pornstar or no pornstar, Norie is really a sweet and down to earth girl. Twice I went out with her and she made me feel like I could really fit in here. She doesn't give me the you're a fucking tourist bullshit, unlike the other guides I had before this. Overall i really enjoyed myself and it was a good night. Thanks to Norie :)

[The Continuation]

Towards the end of the night, I could feel my balls grew and I asked her if she did acted in a porn flick before, and she was so cool with it. I didn't get a tight slap or anything. She just laughed and said YES. God dammit, I was blushing when I asked her and that make her laugh even harder. I will do another post on the stuff I asked her about. But for now,I am happy because I had my confirmation. Can I get a certificate to go? I had luncheon with a porn star and tonight I had dinner with her and I was even banging some Taiko drum with her. Come on have I ever let my readers down :P

Finally the picture that all you guys been waiting for...Norie:



Dear readers,

I am sorry for the inconvenience but from now on, comments will be moderated. Any bad comments about my friends will not be tolerated and will be deleted. Instead of talking bad about them, why don’t you bad mouth about me instead, ok? I am sure you can think of a million ways to be creative, so mouth away!!!! I won’t reject your comments if you don’t speak anything mean about my friends.

Like it or not, it’s my way or the highway.

I sorry I had to blurred it because even though I maybe an ass but I will still look out for my friends. Her identity is safe with me and Norie is just a nick name. But one thing I can tell you, she is not the average cute Japanese girl, she is Supra Cute and smell so good. But that doesn't mean I cannot share with you her artistic work with you all. Kenichi has a copy and I am going watch it soon :P Maybe I'll do a porn flick review on my blog :P