Just one more before I hit the road; I think I am I having some sort of a withdrawal symptom now. All my friends are like envious because I am getting to go but somehow I wish it wasn’t me who is going. Somehow I just want to have a mundane life. Last night at the party, a friend told me that things seems to be going right for me, but it got me thinking that doesn’t mean it wasn’t always not wrong. Less than 24 hours to go before I head out and the fucking sky just couldn’t stop pissing and it has gotten me all messed up in the head. I have always been a dreamer but now my time is here to take a chance on what I always wanted. So, is this the beginning of the end or another milestone for me? Only time can tell, but no matter what happens there, I know I still have a home and a loving family to come back to and I bet you, there will be someone wiggling her tail and peeping through the window for me.