Groteskes Parade

The Macho Era has ended and welcome to the Era of Grotesque. As you can see I finally got my butt filth fingers on a 3 column layout YAY!!! and also I can kiss Pyzam.com bye bye (I no longer have to advertised them on my blog). What to expect here? Well, just expect some weird shit, so much so that I have included two version of my blog: The clean version and the dirty version. So if you think you can take it go ahead and read the dirty version. The post in both blogs will be the same, but the differences is the layout is somewhat more violent and may not be suitable for general viewing (if you plan to read my blog in the office or at home where there are elderly or little kids around).

Why Grotesque? Have you ever wonder what is the reaction you will get if one of your most respectful church minister or elder was caught in a car crash, and when he was send to the hospital and the people there found out that underneath that “holy” minister robe, he was actually wearing a women’s lingerie. Anyway, 4 more days before I leave to Japan and I hope to bring you queer tales from the land of grotesque. If you know your porn, you probably know by now the most messed up and fucked up porn usually comes from Japan.

Anyway, I was at a blood drive campaign in Kuantan Parade organized by the Local Hospital here. Free food… “Telur Rebus Basi”(Hard Boiled Eggs) which look like it was cook probably last week. [Did you know that if a guy eats aged hard boiled eggs, his testicle will grow double in size, so if you are planning to get bigger balls, be my guest]
There was also a ROTTW Sound Stage 2007 gig going on back to back. Well, when I say back to back, I really mean it literally.

Well, according to Dr. Pink, it seems that Metal music must your blood pressure high and thus making the blood to flow out easily. So I guess it isn’t a bad thing too. WFT!!!!