Hey! Why anybody hasn’t tag me and ask me about the one single skill that I am most proud about? Since I tag asked myself, so emma gonna to tell youse people that I am really good at unhooking bras mostly the back openers because I didn’t spent much time practicing on the front openers. But I can tell you that the person wouldn’t even notice that her bra is unhooked by me until the bra hits the floor. What can I say, I am a natural born bra un-hooker. Just like a kid sneaking under the Xmas tree and taking a sneak peek of what present they are getting even before Xmas. Anyway, thanks to me for tagging myself so that I can brag about it but let us go back to the main topic (points to the above) and let me tell you when I was girl…

Human has the ability to nourish their young with milk. Women have Mammary Glands (is this why humans are the closest resemblance to the mammal group?) That is why women have such cute pinkish cherry-like nipples (but some are dark and prune-like), so that their young infant are able to suck on it and enjoy the nourishing milk that it provides (but somehow their spouse or partners seem to suck on it more) But why the heck does men got nipples too? And some covered in heavy hair? As I was reading a weird science book that gives explanation to the weirdest answer has got this to say. When all of us were embryo we have only one template the female one, only after six weeks the male chromosome kicks in and turned the embryo into male. Therefore the six weeks has left the male with nipples and some breast tissue. I guess that is why males are capable of having breast cancer too.


If you think that the above tag that I have just told you about is totally random and not related - you’re wrong. I am just pointing to you that even thought I may have started off as a girl but I have turned into a very macho man, because unhooking bras are like one of the traits that every man has got. At the age of 15, I had no problem unhooking my 16yo bible class’ gf’s bra even though it was my first time unhooking it.

Here’s a little update, yesterday I spent most of the time in the studio sorting out the cables that I needed for my trip.

It is now all nicely placed in the container together with some of our equipment.

One thing I know is I am going to miss this girl following me around when I am eating…