If I am not mistaken, it is now time of the year to eat your gluttonous rice balls, ya? They say it is a tradition and after you eat those balls, you grow one year older and wiser too. So to those who had theirs and celebrated the festive, I wish y’all a “Happy 过冬”. I had my one with “Gula Melaka” just before I left, so I guess I grew older and wiser way before everyone. Woa Woa had hers too, but she didn’t take any of the balls but she enjoys the sweet gravy that it comes with.

Anyway, after yesterday’s boring sightseeing, I asked J. what is there really to do in Tokyo. Forget about another well planned organized sightseeing trip because you only get to see what a butt fucking tourist gets to see. I don’t want all that bullshit; I wanna get skin deep; Bam! Right into the anal, I really wanted to see what really goes on in Tokyo, something that your “Free & Easy” tour package never get a chance to experience. J. asked was it the “sex-for sale” that I wanted, but I said “hell no”. Sex for Sale is like fucking norm in Tokyo. You see the commercial everywhere, on hotel TV channels, telephone booth, vending machines, subway and every fucking where. Just like the “Along” (illegal Money Lender) stickers in Kuantan; those advert of cute sexy girls in lingerie or uniform doesn’t provoke any blushes or raise any eyebrows and it is difficult to avoid. It runs like any other commercial, you could see it side by side with children’s diapers’ commercial. And another thing, I don’t do paid sex because I believe sex should be something sacred and pure and done between two consenting people and most of all it must be “FREE” :D

J. thought for a while and told me for 3,000 yen, you get to pee on a cute girl’s head. And it struck me, you heard about it, you seen it done on some fucked up perverse porn but for merely 3,000 yen you get to experience it firsthand. This is tempting, while Mr. Producer and J. went out for their nightly routine; I stayed back and thought about it. Should I or shouldn’t I? Is peeing on someone’s head worst than sticking your dick in some stranger’s vagina or asshole? In both cases you have to pay, it is just a transaction. I went in MSN asking Pink and Kif what they think about it. Pink said it was uncivilized and Kif said he would do it if only it was a celebrity’s head. Knowing me, it is hard for me to turn down something as crazy as this because it isn’t easy to come by, but the question of moral is at stake here…

So this morning, I jokingly asked J. again how many times I get to pee on the girl’s head for 3,000 yen. He looked at me funny and said, “What makes you think you could that?” Maybe I was too tired or my head was just too twisted or it could be his heavily Japanese accent English that made me misconstrue what he told me yesterday. What he actually meant was for 3,000 yen I can get a cute girl TO PEE ON MY HEAD. Alright fuck it! No one is ever going to lay a single drop on my head.