You know it would be easy to be a fucking tourist and snap shit loads of picture and then recap whatever I did here in Tokyo and turned my blog into a “Hell Yeah! I love Tokyo bitch!“ sort of travel log so that my visitor would pretend to enjoy it. But why the hell should I be doing that and bored you outta your fucking mind? Fuck it, I am not going to snap pictures of what I ate and show it to ya (unless it is really messed up :P), because it will turn into shit in a day or two. Tell you what I am going to do, I am just going to post some selected sick and messed up random encounter in Tokyo. Who knows, I might just turn into a professional pervert and start snapping up -skirt pictures of school girl .

Finally Mr. Producer’s friend (J.) came to greet came to greet us and it was out first day out. What better way to go around town than riding their cheapest mode of transport - the subway. It is owned by Tokyo Metro Co. Ltd and is probably the biggest underground in the world; it carries 9 million people a day.

J. was cool enough to give us some facts about the Tokyo subway - But none of the above information that I just mentioned, (I Google it myself). He said that besides being the biggest underground railway in the world, it is a breeding ground for adults and middle aged perverts to rub their crouches/asses on short skirt uniform school girl during rush hours and a training ground for up and coming hidden cam and up-skirt photographer. This is also the infamous site of 1995 Sarin gas attack administered by Shoka Asahara of the Aum Supreme Truth which claimed 12 lives and leaving 5000 more hospitalized.

How thoughtful, remember to always give priority to 1. human with screaming tummy and 2. horny kids groping boobies.

Our journey was indeed fun because J. entertained us with some of the Aum Supreme “Truth” that I never knew:

-The Cult leader Shoka Asahara looks like a hippie conman is half blind, overweight.

-He claimed to be the reincarnation of “Imhotep” a great Egyptian Physician. Started a clinic where in just below 18 months, 9 of the patient died - which is a very high mortality rate when there are only 9 beds in the clinic.

-He believed he could fly but for the time being he could only levitate in the air for 3 seconds. Later it was found that it was a lame ass yoga trick he picked up from India.

-He claimed he could meditate for an hour under water without breathing but somehow neglected to inform the Guinness Book of Record of his feat.

-To join his sect, devotees are to boiled locks of Ashara’s hair and drink it. Some other rituals of initiation include drinking of his semen.

-Devotees are not forbidden to have sex; offenders will be beaten or locked in tiny cells, with Ashara’s video playing at maximum volume 24/7. Masturbation was punished with a week’s solitary confinement.

-Later on he claimed to be the Holy Monk Emperor and all earthly pleasure is above him. He did not enjoy sex but he felt that it was his duty to have sex with all the young girls who wanted to join his sect.

-His sect raised funds by selling his beard clippings and his dirty bath water which he claimed to be some " Miracle Pond". The supply failed to meet it's demands.

Who wants a Aum Supreme Truth official T-shirt? Let me know, I am getting one yay!!! :P

Absurd as it may seem, but Asahara’s Aum Supreme Truth Cult had more than 10,000 all over the world, and there was millions in the sect’s bank account. He was arrested after the 1995 Sarin Gas attack, but deny charges claiming that who could a half blind, overweight man orchestrate such an act and it was his out of control followers that made it all up. Pretty twisted huh? Anyway, here’s a little something for all, enjoy :P

The Japanese school girl uniform, the corner stone and bench mark of all high quality educational system. Sorry for the blurred picture because I was told that it was an offense to take picture of girls in short skirt uniform in the subway without their permission.